0,75l bottle
15,00 €
Vin d’Alsace

Le Blanc

Appellation Alsace Contrôlée

ALZA Le Blanc is an elegant, fruity companion for your adventures with friends.

0,75l bottle
15,00 €
Vin d’Alsace

A little sip of France

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White wine
Drinking temperature
12 °C

Mineral-rich marl-limestone-sandstone soil

Cave Vinicole du Vieil Armand
1 Route de Cernay
68360 Soultz-Wuenheim

Alcohol content
12 % vol.

Sugar content

Allergens and ingredients
Contains sulfites

Nutritional information per 100 ml
Calorific value 285 kj (68 kcal)
Carbon hydrates 1.2g
– of which sugar 0.5g

Contains negligible amounts of fat (including saturated fatty acids), protein and salt.

The Vision

ALZA Le Blanc enriches your life with passion and joy. Juicy berries blend with refreshing notes and create a fruity, invigorating flavour. Leave your everyday life behind and experience the feeling of freedom and ease with every sip. With a touch of summer, ALZA Le Blanc accompanies you on every occasion.

Share carefree moments with ALZA Le Blanc. Experience a journey for the senses from the very first sip, feel the joie de vivre of Alsace and let yourself be enchanted by its beauty. Every glass of Le Rosé becomes an extravagant moment of pleasure. Santé!

The Terroir

Located in the heart of Alsace, surrounded by the protective and imposing beauty of the Vosges mountains, the ALZA Le Rosé growing area enjoys a unique climate. Hot summers and cold winters give our Le Rosé its fascinating flavour. The pressing of the grapes whole provides the outstanding flavour and the maturation on the full lees develops a wonderful melting texture.

The special climatic conditions in Alsace allow the grapes to ripen slowly and extensively. This results in a distinctive flavour development with the right acidity, which complements ALZA Le Rosé with its freshness. This creates incomparable moments of pleasure, as outstanding as the growing region itself.

The Colour

The delicate lustre of the grape meets the aroma of light fruit and pear. Elegant and fresh, with a marvellous melt on the tongue.

Bright nuances meet sunny reflections, captured in a glass.
Fruity notes of bright fruits and pear caress the nose.
Fruity flavour with a fresh note of bright fruit. The wine is served chilled (12°C).

The Experience

Accompanied by the sun, a wonderful flavour has fully developed.

Enjoy ALZA Le Blanc with tarte flambée, fish or white meat, for example.

ALZA Le Blanc adds an elegant touch to your dish. Santé!

Le Rosé

Pinot Noir – Appellation Alsace Contrôlée

ALZA Le Rosé is a fruity, fresh companion for your adventures with friends.